Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, a group of devout Hungarian Catholics arrived and settled in the budding community of Coatesville, Pa. They brought with them, from their native land, deep love and devotion for their religious heritage. Having no church of their own, they attended religious services in other Byzantine Rite churches, but felt out of place. Finally, they went to the Very Rev. Gabriel Martyak, Lansford, Pa., who was the Apostolic Administrator for all Greek Catholics of Ruthenian, Hungarian and Croation extraction. They told him of their burning desire to organize a parish of their own and to construct a church, wherein they could worship God in their own rite and customs.

Once more they incurred disappointment, as they were informed that because of the war - World War I they could not assume any financial responsibility in the building of a church of their own; for, after the war the Hungarians would probably be given an administrator of their own. This new obstacle did not deter them in their quest, but spurred them on with greater zeal for a church of their own.

They approached Father Alfred Walsh, pastor of St. Cecelia's Roman Catholic Church, Coatesville, Pa., told him of their plight, and sought his aid in an advisory capacity. He willingly offered his assistance.
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